The Big Unveil

As many of my brides and industry friends will know, I’ve been working on my rebrand behind the scenes for a few months now. The time has finally come to showcase the new brand!Firstly, why did I want to rebrand? After all, I believe I’m the longest standing bridal brand in Cornwall and have been going the longest. This means I have built a great name over the years so it was a risk to throw that all away and not one I took lightly.

However, I took on County Cream as an existing boutique and continued to market it and grow it as the previous owner had planned. As time went on I got to know my brides better and what they were looking for. A few years ago I realised I didn’t want to grow. I didn’t want to be another big boutique with all of the overheads and the sales targets. I wanted to do what I had gone into business in the bridal industry to do in the first place – to make girls feel gorgeous, to help them find their dream dress and to give them the dedicated time and attention they deserved.

I looked around me one day and I just knew that I didn’t want to have lots of brides in changing rooms next to one another or rushed appointments as I had to make the next sale to meet the overheads. I knew things needed to change in the industry and change starts at home. So I scaled back and purposefully went petite.

Moving in to Princes House was one of the best things I ever did. Being part of such a talented wedding collective was so inspiring and I had the chance to move into a beautiful space that wasn’t too big but was utterly beautiful with all of the original cornicing and period details. Since then I’ve realised just what matters to my brides – they want my time, my attention and my expertise. They want quality dresses that are exquisitely crafted and fit them perfectly. They want to deal with Elaine at all times, at some point I realised people started calling for Elaine and not for County Cream.

So I expanded appointment times (yes I can sell less dresses a day but I don’t want to pack them in and churn them out) and this means that I can focus on real relationships with each bride, giving her the time she needs. I invested in incredible dresses, not just high fashion but timeless styles that I knew would flatter her figure and I promised myself I would never turn a woman away because of her budget or her size – this will be the boutique that welcomes every woman.

So my brand is very much about my ethos. I wanted to reflect that petite and intimate experience that I offer, where a bride comes in, talks to me one to one and enjoys a cuppa and a look through the dresses in a relaxed environment. I wanted to offer high quality dresses at reasonable prices and a personal touch with a warm welcome. Speaking with my branding team I realised that I’ve grown so far from the bridal boutique that I took on almost a decade ago.

So the rebrand is based around the simplicity of me and what I offer which is why we stripped right back to just naming it Elaine Rawlings. I offer something different to every boutique in Cornwall, I’m not out to be the most commercial or make the most money, I want to offer the greatest experience for my brides and I know from my recommendations and wonderful feedback that I’m receiving this so I truly hope my new brand reflects it.

Elaine x