The Best Things about Working in Bridal


I have been working in bridal for many years as one of the longest standing boutiques in the county and I’ve seen many new boutiques come (and many go) in the past decade.  I often get asked by brides, mothers of the brides and those looking to set up in the industry what it’s like working in the bridal industry and I have to admit, it’s not all glitz and glamour.

But for the most part, it’s a pretty special industry to be part of.  As one of the mothers of one of my brides said to me the other day, “you have such a happy job, you’re part of such a happy memorable moment” which is absolutely true.  So whether you’re looking to start a bridal business or perhaps you’re just curious to lift the curtain and see what life is like for the person that helps you step into your gown, here are the best things (for me) about working in the wedding industry.

Creating real relationships with wonderful women – this is hands down the best part of my job and it’s something that I feel is quite exclusive to the boutiques. After all, a photographer or a band will get to know you before the big day but I am privileged to become part of your story at an early stage and to get to know you on a more personal level.

The beauty – it truly is a beautiful job, being surrounded by the gorgeous gowns. Each year I can barely get over the quality and beauty of the detail on each dress and how the designers keep upping the stakes I simply do not know.  It’s hard not to love a job surrounded by lace and tulle.

The emotion – I have never before experienced the emotion of working in an industry such as this one. Sometimes I’m close to tears when the bride puts on that gown as it all comes together and I can see how right it is for her and how it has made her feel.  The emotion of finding the dress can never be underestimated (I’ve had fathers in the boutique in tears) and then the emotion of trying it once it’s been totally altered and fits to perfection.  One of the worst bits of working in this job is saying goodbye – watching a bride walk off with her dress and knowing that her marriage is beginning is wonderful yet sometimes sad for me.  What makes it better is the amount of cards and pictures I receive, with many brides getting in touch a bit later to tell me that they are expecting an addition to their family, it makes it all very emotional and worthwhile.

The connection and support network – The Cornish bridal industry is a very tight network of suppliers and we all have such great relationships, such that I’ve never known in previous careers. I am very lucky to be located in the iconic Princes House in Truro where we are a collaboration of the most exquisite bridal artisan businesses so I get to share my workplace with other like minded and talented creatives.  However, even outside of our beautiful Georgian building, I spend time with wedding planners, photographers, venues, our local wedding bible, WED Magazine and other bridal boutiques as it is such a supportive and close knit community which has been one of my favourite parts of the job.

There are so many wonderful things about working in the bridal industry, the glamour, the gowns, the glitz and that you truly get to see the most magical moment in someone’s life.  But the best bit truly is the people I get to meet.  Every day I never know who I’m going to meet and I’ve met women who have remained in my life or recommended friends and relatives to me, even a decade later.  I feel very blessed indeed!