How do you know when you have found the one?

Ok, so you’ve found the love of your life, the partner you want to grow old with, throw things at but at the same time snog their little faces off but what about when it comes to finding THE ONE?!

Not everyone has dreamt of their big day since they were little girls let along even thought about a wedding dress, although I think I did and probably quite a lot too because growing up I was quite a chubby kid so to me being a bride meant that you would look beautiful and it’s true ALL brides do look beautiful :o) Although I think my idea of what sort of dress i wanted has changed over those years:

So where and when do you begin looking for a dress?

Most dresses take at least 6 months (if you’re ordering brand new) to be made and delivered to the bridal shop so i would say start looking as soon as possible really because you also want to leave enough time for alterations. I can also guarantee in those months where you’re waiting for it to come in you will have mild heart palpitations at times wondering if you’ve made the right decision – “what if there was another dress out there for me?” – that ladies is your inner chimp (mine is called Edwardo if you haven’t read my other posts before) and quite often we need words. You probably think I’m a Bridezilla and I’ve gone crazy talking about an inner chimp but let me tell you, he or she is real and they live in your brain and you need to get to know your chimp because he’s quick, 5 times quicker than the human rational part of your brain in fact (good for the fight or flight times you need him) but in these situations where he makes you question your decision that’s where you need to take a step back, recognise the proverbial pain in the a*$ and ask yourself “do i want these thoughts, emotions or sometimes even behaviours?”, and if the answer is NO then it’s your chimp. So do not worry if you feel slightly anxious over whether you’ve made the right decision, it’s probably your chimp! I can’t wait for mine to come in so I can try it on again. Trying on wedding dresses was one of the most fun things I’ve done, I’ve been with many a friend now to try on dresses and you always find the same thing….they never choose the dress they have in mind, so I went with my mum, aunty Hilary and an open mind. I can’t give away too much now because there’s still 10 months to go and fiancé eyes may be reading this so to confirm in writing that I’ll be having a wedding playsuit just wouldn’t be a surprise now would it! :o)

I knew there was one bridal shop in particular I wanted to visit, Elaine Rawlings Bridal Boutique in Truro. I also called the bridal shop of Cornwall because they stock beautiful dresses as well, however you can’t book a regular appointment on a weekend – they hold catwalk sessions and i wasn’t particularly keen on that so i thought if they had a walk in appointment available i would try that.

You can find the boutique at Princes House, Truro and up a flight of the very grand staircase. The boutique itself is very welcoming, light, open and refreshing! The dresses are immaculately lined up against one of the walls in every style you can think of and whilst some may take a look and scoff that there isn’t a huge collection of dresses to trawl through i found this fuss free and a huge relief – quality over quantity counts more for me.  Elaine was ever so welcoming and put us all at ease straight away and made us tea & coffee whilst we perused the dresses. Having that initial 10 minutes to ourselves was perfect, I didn’t feel intimidated or pressured to make a decision on what I liked and I could just pick the dresses out that took my fancy and hang them up ( to be honest trying on the wedding dresses was an amazing experience I would have been happy starting from one end and trying them all on) I think in total we chose about 6 dresses, trying hard to go for one of each style, some in different colours and also making sure we tried different fabrics.  I don’t think I can say too much more without giving it away but that feeling when I tried on ‘The one’? Well I didn’t cry- and neither did my entourage (!) but I felt incredible, confident and like I could have worn it home there and then!

At that moment I knew it was the one and although I didn’t say yes there and then ( it’s a big decision) and even though my gut was telling me this was the one I wanted to be 100% certain, so Elaine took my measurements ( it was a perfect fit) wrote all the details down for me and we went for an executive decision making lunch.Within and hour or two we had called Elaine back to order the dress, veil and pay the deposit it was then official I SAID YES TO THE DRESS!

So whenever Edwardo pops up and I get a little wobble I think back to how I felt in that moment and I know it’s the right decision, it’s just perfect and I can’t wait for it to come in so I can get all those feelings back!

I would like to express my thanks to Elaine for her patience , friendly welcome and all the support and advice she offered me on the day as well, she really does treat you like a friend and not just another customer! (if you ever need anyone to come and try the dresses for you- you know where I am) :0)