Don’t Change Your Body To Fit Your Dress

I often hear brides telling me that they are a size 12 but they plan to order the next size (or even two sizes) down because they are aiming to lose weight for their big day. I always tell them to buy the dress that fits them today, the dress that makes them feel a million dollars as they are in their skin now and here’s why:

I understand that brides want to look “perfect” for the big day and all of the magazines are constantly selling and sharing that perfect bridal look – size 8-10, just the right amount of curves in all of the right places and not an inch below 5 foot 10.  But in the real world women don’t always look like that and that’s just how the marketing works in the fashion industry.

After spending time on Instagram and Pinterest and looking through pages of professional models wearing these gowns, it’s easy for brides to either feel that they don’t measure up or to feel that they need to change who they are to fit the “norm”.  Well, firstly, it’s not the norm – it’s the marketing world and secondly, trying to look perfect isn’t really the objective, it’s to marry the person that you love whilst feeling and looking amazing.

And here’s the thing.  You might lose weight for the big day.  You might not.  If you do, rest assured that I work with some incredible seamstresses, some of the best in the county and we’ll have that dress made to measure in no time.  But if you don’t?  It’s no drama.  There’s no pressure or worries and in fact, I advise you not to lose too much weight at all (you’ll find you probably lose some naturally due to the adrenaline and the wedding planning as the day draws closer) but you have to remember you are you and your partner loves (and chose) you of all of the women in all of the world.

And as for the dress you’ve chosen?  When you stand in the boutique in front of the mirror and you love it, you love it with your hips and your height and your boobs, exactly as they are.  So my word to the wise is to try to remember these magazines put these models in because it sells the dresses, it doesn’t mean you won’t look amazing because in a dress made to fit your perfect and unique proportions you will.

Body image is something that is very close to my heart.  For a long time I struggled with my own weight and issues and it took many years for me to truly accept and love myself as I am.  I know that I am in the perfect place to change some things about the bridal industry and how we market ourselves and because of this I always said I would offer gowns to the every woman – no matter her size.  I was the first boutique to introduce plus size gowns so that I can dress a size 6 right up to a size 26 and the gowns are as gorgeous no matter what size or shape of the woman.

I’ve had size 18 girls in the boutique who wish they were slimmer and size 8 girls who wish they had bigger breasts or more of a booty and I’ve decided it’s long overdue that we stop beating ourselves up for not being “enough” – tall enough, petite enough, slim enough, curvy enough… when will we realise?  It’s your big day and you are beautiful – just as you are.

That’s all!

Elaine x